18 – 19 August 2022 

International Conference
on Environment and Human Health:

Challenges and Opportunities in the 21st Century

Abstract Submission Deadline Extended: 18 July 2022

About the Conference

International Conference on Environment and Human Health:

Challenges and Opportunities in the 21st Century

The International Conference on Environment and Human Health: Challenges and Opportunities in the 21st Century aims to initiate networking, knowledge, and ideas exchanges between hundreds of professionals from countries around the world on the latest research on the nexus of the environment and human health. The Conference highlights the interdependence and interactions between human and the environment and their importance in affecting environmental sustainability and human health and wellbeing. It fosters knowledge exchange between academics, researchers, professionals, practitioners, and policy makers regarding the complex connections between the environment and human health and promote cross-discipline understanding, evidence-based actions and practices in the areas of human health and environmental health.

Conference Themes

  • Biodiversity and Human Health
  • Biodiversity, Nature and Health in Urban Environment
  • Nature Connectedness and Environmental Conservation
  • Nature, Happiness and Wellbeing
  • Environment Literacy and Environmental Health Literacy
  • Climate Impacts on Human Health: Risks and Responses
  • Climate Change and Mental health
  • Environmental Pollution and Human Health
  • Environmental Influences on Population Health
  • Climate Change Literacy
  • Health Literacy and Digital Health Literacy
  • Health Promotion and Education
  • Meditation, Wellness and Positive Psychology
  • Global Health: Risks and Opportunities
  • Stress, Anxiety and Depression Management
  • Physical Activity, Health and Wellbeing
  • Nutrition and Public Health
  • Sports Nutrition and Health
  • Nutrition and Athletic Performance and Health
  • Active Living and Healthy Ageing
  • The Intersections of Environment, Health, and COVID-19
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing during COVID-19
  • Environmental Health during COVID-19
  • The COVID-19, the Built Environment, and Health
  • The COVID-19 and Environmental Change

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Jennifer Manganello

University at Albany, United States

Prof. Clara Chow

University of Sydney, Australia

Prof. David Sheffield

University of Derby, United Kingdom

Dr. Younbo Jung

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Prof. Kristie Ebi

University of Washington, United States

Prof. Andy Jones

Norfolk County Council & University of East Anglia, United Kingdom

Prof. Wei-Ta Fang

National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

Prof. Kevin Dadaczynski

Fulda University of Applied Sciences, Leuphana University Lueneburg, Germany

Invited Speakers

Prof. Matthew A. Stults-Kolehmainen

Columbia University, United States

Dr. Roger Ho

National University of Singapore, Singapore

Prof. Samuel F. Sears

East Carolina University, United States

Prof. Michael Tee

University of the Philippines Manila, Philippine

Conference Organizer

Conference Co-organizers

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Keynote Speakers
Featured Speakers
Invited Speakers
Conference Organizers

Organising Committee


Dr. Sam LAU


Dr. Rebecca PANG

Dr. Cecilia TAM


Dr. Banny CHAN

Ms. Vivian CHAN

Mr. Alex HO

Conference Committee


Dr. Sam S S LAU


Dr. Cecilia S Y TAM

Dr Rebecca C K PANG


Ms. Vivian M S CHAN

Dr. Banny S K CHAN

Mr. Alex K C HO


18 - 19 August 2022

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